It takes a team to tackle the challenges of managing a rental property. With varied perspectives, diverse skillsets, expansive market knowledge, and the resources to adapt to changes in real time, Jensen Properties has your back. When we manage your property, we cover all bases and shoulder all burdens associated with your assets and tenants. Our full-service approach accounts for the big picture as well as every minute detail. Full transparency and reliable communication ensure that tenants get the most out of their rental experience. Our technology make it easy for tenants to pay rent and submit maintenance requests online. All payments are then automatically deposited into your preferred account. These systems provide security and allow us to focus on maximizing the growth and profitability of your property and tending to the needs of your tenants.

Please feel free to contact us to learn how we can help your rental property reach its full potential.

Jensen Properties San Diego, Inc.
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Chris Jensen

Owner & Chief Marketing Officer

Chris is a Broker, Realtor, and General Contractor with a degree in Construction Management. His main goal is to keep owners happy. He is always striving to grow the business, communicate effectively with owners, and represent the vision of Jensen Properties. He loves that he can help make anyone's life easier since he does Property Management, Real Estate Sales, or Construction Projects. While he is driving around San Diego, Chris loves to listen to business audio books. He has 3 kids and when he is not doing activities with them he enjoys surfing, fishing, volleyball, and water polo which makes San Diego the perfect place to live.  

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Thomas Perfect

Chief Executive Officer & Chief Financial Officer

Thomas works hard to make sure our company systems work in the best way possible. He oversees all aspects of the company and management of properties - from leasing and accounting to maintenance and sales. Thomas also helps owners join the Jensen Properties family and understand how to use our team to answer all their questions. He makes sure we have the best team in place to manage property at the highest level. He is a local scoutmaster and loves being outdoors. He served a 2 year mission in Bogota, Colombia. He has a small family consisting of his wife, two beautiful daughters, and two dogs. Thomas loves playing sports of any kind, building businesses from the ground up, aerial photography, and family road trips!

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Ethan Jacobsen

Chief Operating Officer

Ethan helps make sure the company systems work efficiently. He oversees the maintenance, leasing, and legal departments. He also helps with onboarding new clients and properties. He especially likes to work with people one on one to solve problems and find answers. Ethan loves his family - his wife, two children, 8 siblings, and over 30 nephews and nieces. He loves helping solve problems, making music, videography and filmmaking, traveling, and learning from his experiences.


Shane Damon

Leasing Manager

Shane is our property manager and leasing agent. He takes all our listing photos and puts our units on the market. Shane also works with prospective and current tenants to write leases, renew leases, and resolve any of their concerns. He is often traveling around San Diego performing move-in and move-out inspections and helping our other property managers. Shane recently got his real estate license as well. He loves soccer, board games, drawing, and cooking.

DRE #02040449


Naomi Nicholson

Maintenance Manager

Naomi helps handle all maintenance from light bulbs to remodels. She troubleshoots issues with tenants, coordinates work with vendors, and communicates with owners about projects.


Tamara Bailey

Office Controller

Tamara is our office controller and takes care of all our accounting. She is in charge of receiving all payments and getting our owners, vendors, and employees paid. She also will likely be the one answering the phone when you call our office. Tamara has 3 boys (yes, all mama’s boys) and has a devout love and passion for the Lord God! She loves watching her sons play rec and tournament softball. She says that she wasn’t athletic before, but now enjoys working out 2-3 times a week and playing rec softball 1-2 times a week. Tamara also just started going to the Gulls hockey games last season and found out that hockey was actually super fun to watch!


Robin Allen

Office Manager

Robin strives to solve everyone's maintenance issues and keep everyone happy. She is often the first contact for anyone calling or walking in. Robin communicates with owners, vendors, tenants and office staff about maintenance issues and emergency maintenance activity, she assists with leasing units, and she also works on onboarding new clients and properties. Her goal in life is to be so happy that when others see her, they become happy too. She loves quality family and friend time, being outdoors (mountains, hiking, or beach-walks), cleaning, decorating, painting, DIY craft and home projects, and reading books when she needs an escape from her busy life.