Making a Unit Ready to Rent

When getting a unit ready to rent, there are a lot of things to think about. To make this process easier for our vendors and office, we use a Make Ready Checklist. We complete this form multiple times to make sure that everything gets done. Our first walk through helps us determine what needs there are for the unit. When we have completed the turn, we fill out this form again to make sure that everything was completed properly. Below you can open and download our Make Ready Checklist to help you while getting your unit ready to rent.

The following things are required for all rental units:

  • Running hot and cold water.

  • Secure home with locks on doors and windows.

  • Smoke detectors (10 year sealed battery) in each bedroom, in each hallway/common entryway to the bedrooms, and on each floor.

  • CO detectors are required if there are any gas lines in or neighboring the unit. If your unit has a gas powered water heater, stove, or heater, there must be a CO detector. If your unit runs exclusively on gas but is next door to a common laundry room that uses gas, your unit must have a CO detector.