+ How much do you charge for management services?

We are different from most property managers because we charge a flat percentage with NO ADDITIONAL FEES! We collect our management fee as a percentage of the gross rent collected. If we don’t collect the rent then we are not getting paid. See our Services & Pricing page for more details. Each service also has more details explaining what we will do for you.

+ Are there any hidden fees?

ABSOLUTELY NOT! We run a completely transparent operation that is able to answer any questions you may have. We run our business with utmost integrity and fiduciary responsibility. If you use our full property management service, everything is included in the management fee.

  • No leasing fee.
  • No maintenance coordination fee.
  • No fee for coordinating large turns or remodels.
  • No fee for serving notices to your tenants.
  • No hidden fees.

+ If I live out of state, can you still manage my property?

Yes! We have many out-of-state owners who love working with us.

+ Why Choose Jensen Properties?

Jensen Properties is San Diego’s premier property management company. Founded in 2011, Jensen Properties has helped return the San Diego rental market to the heights we see today. We take care of our managed properties as if they are our own. Our clients are welcomed into our company like family and we truly want to make the most impact possible for the investments that have been made.

+ Do I even need a property manager?

In this day and age a property manager is a necessity. With the ever changing landlord tenant law landscape changing, it would be irresponsible to care for a large investment like a home without an expert professional. We are here to make life easy and help navigate any tumultuous hurdles.

+ When would you generally need to contact me as the owner?

Generally we would contact you when there is any large change going on at the property. We would notify you about tenants moving in or out and for any maintenance issues that exceed the maintenance limit. We want to keep you in the loop and seek your approval when necessary, but not trouble you with day-to-day operations.

+ Can you find me a qualified tenant and let me manage the property myself?

This is exactly what our Lease Only Service is. We will advertise and locate a qualified tenant and then write the lease and do a move in inspection. We would make sure you had copies of all the paperwork and the security deposit accounted for.

+ What am I getting for my monthly management fee?

You are getting a team of professionals ready and trained to manage your property as if it were their own. We will make sure to maximize your market rent while protecting you from many liability situations. Our service is outstanding and you will definitely notice it. Visit our Services & Pricing page and click to view the details for each service.

+ Can Jensen Properties help sell my investment property?

Yes we can. We can also work with your existing real estate agent as well. We know the home selling process can be arduous and stressful, so we try to make things as simple as possible. Let us know how we can help you or for a free market analysis. Click here to learn more about our real estate services.


+ What is your screening process and rentail criteria?

Here are some of our requirements to rent:

  1. Applicants must have a decent credit score (650 minimum).
  2. Public Records will be reviewed on an individual basis.
  3. Applicants must show proof of income that is 2.5 times higher than the market rent or more.
  4. A United States Social Security Number
  5. Identification which must include one of the following: California Driver's license (from each adult) OR California State Identification Card (available from any DMV Office from each adult) OR a United States, District ( i.e. Puerto Rico, Samoan Island) - District Official Driver's License, or ID Card OR a Department of Defense Official ID - or any other State ID or Driver's License.
  6. Applicants must obtain or currently have and/or be willing to transfer renter's insurance.

Applicants must provide all information for their application to be considered complete. If they do not fulfill our qualifying standards, applicants may be accepting with an increased deposit (normally approved by the owner).

+ What if an applicant doesn't make enough money?

We encourage applicants to provide proof of all sources of income. Sometimes this will include bank statements or tax return documents. A co-signer may be allowed to apply with someone in order to help them qualify.

+ Do you accept section 8?

We are required to process all applications equally and all applicants are held to the same qualifying standards.


+ Do I pay for the maintenance?

Yes. If the maintenance is needed because of normal wear and tear to the unit, the owner is responsible for the repair or maintenance. This includes anything that keeps the unit habitable and up to a similar condition to the tenant’s move-in. However, if a tenant damages the property, they will be responsible for the repairs. You will NEVER have to pay any type of fee for our maintenance coordination.

+ Is there any mark-up on invoices?

No! Jensen Properties doesn’t ever charge an extra fee for our maintenance coordination. In fact, since we do so much business with our preferred vendors, you often get a discount for their services.

+ How do I know your vendors are qualified?

When a vendor works with Jensen Properties, we take time to do our research. We make sure they are insured properly and have workers' compensation (if applicable). We also check their license. Often we will check their website and online reviews to see what people think about their services and then we’ll sometimes call other companies or property managers that have used them. Since we have a preferred vendor list, we have been working with most of these companies for years and have a great relationship.

+ Can I make my own repairs?

This depends. If you are getting your unit ready to rent for the first time, you can definitely do the work yourself. We will help you by coming by and checking the unit to make sure it is rent ready. If you need some help here and there, we can have our preferred vendors provide quotes. Once we begin management, we normally use only our preferred vendors, but you can talk to us about work for future vacancies as well. If you have a company that you love, please let us know. We can look into adding them to our preferred vendor list.

+ Do I have to provide landscaping?

If you want your landscaping to stay nice, using a landscaper is a smart choice. Relying on the tenant is risky and you may get less interest if they know they will be responsible for the landscaping. This also depends on the terms set out in the lease. If the lease states that the owner is responsible for landscaping, then you will need to provide that. We have quite a few landscaper and gardener options, so let us know if you’d like a free quote from them.

+ Do I have to pay for repairs when the tenant damaged the property?

No. Tenants are held responsible for any damages caused by them. You are only responsible for the normal wear and tear that happens in the unit.

+ What needs to be done to get my property ready to rent?

Please review our page Making a Unit Ready to Rent to learn what it takes to get a property ready to rent. Units need to be 100% habitable, clear of personal belongings, and cleaned to a professional level.

+ How is maintenance handled?

This is the normal process for maintenance requests:

  1. Tenant submits a maintenance request through their online portal
  2. We review the request, contact the tenant to troubleshoot, get more details, etc.
  3. We assign and send a work order to one of our approved vendors.
  4. The vendor contacts the tenant directly to schedule.
  5. If the work will be under $400, we will take care of the issue and you will see the details on your monthly owner statement. If the estimate is over $400, we will contact you for approval before moving forward. Once approval is received, the work will get done.
  6. Vendors complete the work and send us an invoice so we can pay from the reserve account for your property.

+ How is emergency maintenance handled after hours and on weekends/holidays?

Tenants are able to call our emergency number 24/7. If it's during business hours, the emergency becomes first priority and we get it taken care of. If it occurs after hours, we have vendors set up to make sure that your tenants' emergency is handled properly. Our vendors and staff are trained to determine which issues are emergencies and which are not.