Maintenance Videos

Before you submit a maintenance request, it might be a good idea to try a few things. In our lease, there are various suggestions for troubleshooting a maintenance issue. These videos will hopefully help fix your problem. By taking care of it yourself, it could save you time, frustration, discomfort, and maybe even money.

Electrical Videos

POWER OUT: How to reset a GFCI outlet. If an outlet stops working in your kitchen or bathroom, chances are your GFCI outlet tripped. This video shows how you can easily reset the outlet. If this doesn’t fix the issue, please submit a maintenance request.

POWER OUT: How to fix a tripped breaker. If an outlet or section of your unit is not getting power, this is a very likely solution.

Plumbing Videos

DISPOSAL: Make sure you unplug the garbage disposal before attempting to fix any issue.

DISPOSAL: Make sure you unplug the garbage disposal before attempting to fix any issue.

CLOGGED SINK/TUB: How to unclog a sink. Zip-it drain cleaners can be easy and quick ways to unclog a drain that is plugged with hair, soap, or anything else. If you cannot unclog the drain using this method or a normal plunger, please submit a maintenance request.


Other Videos

LOCKOUT: If you are locked out of your apartment after maintenance has been working in your unit, this is most likely the problem. We use a key control system that allows us to have a master key along with your unit key. If the black key hole is showing on top, just rotate the faceplate around so your key hole shows.

LOCKOUT: If you have accidentally locked yourself out of your bathroom, this video will help you get the door unlocked.

AC and HEATER: If you’re having trouble with your AC unit, please try these things before reporting. AC issues are not considered emergencies, but trying these simple things can save everyone time and money and potentially keep you much cooler!